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Amadeus Hotel
Haarlem Holland
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2011 RD Haarlem 
The Netherlands
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Have a seat on one of the many  terraces HAARLEM WILL CHEER YOU UP

A city does not become a 'Flowercity' overnight. It takes more than just plants in the windows or daffodils in the garden. Haarlem is very proud of its cheerful nickname and shows its colours whenever it can. The Flowergirls are a sparkling example.

For forty years now this promotion team, consisting of twelve Haarlem beauties, conjures not only a smile on the visitor's face, but also a daffodil on his lapel. A small gift to welcome guests in our blooming city of flowers. Haarlem lives up to its name!

Annual Flower ParadeFlowers in abundance. That goes for the annual flower parade too. An explosion of colours, transforming the city into an exuberant sea of flowers. Beautiful floats passing in a multicoloured procession from Noordwijk to the provincial capital.

Annual Flower Parade by nightThe parade ends on the Gedempte Oude Gracht and the floats will stay there for a whole weekend, so you can come and admire them. This parade is really worth spending some free hours on. It will take place on Saturday April 16 and Sunday April 21 2012.

Lots of other activities add luster to this happy springs feast, in which Haarlem indulges every year. Throughout the whole year Haarlem will be showing its natural beauty. Outside the city the scenery is splendid too. Go out into the open and get enchanted by the recreation area of Spaarnwoude. This is where exertion and relaxation go hand in hand.

For example on the golf course. Or you can get into a canoe and look at the beautiful scenery from another point of view. Do you prefer a bike? The choise is all yours. Cycle routes of all kinds and lengths will take you through the fascinating surroundings.

If Haarlem were a flower, then the surroundings of Spaarnestad would be the luxuriant garden in which it grows. The dunes, polders and the woods of this green and hospitable neighbour go together very well with the City of Flowers. Ready to be picked. Kennemerland will cheer you up!

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