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Amadeus Hotel
Haarlem Holland
Grote markt 10
2011 RD Haarlem 
The Netherlands
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Culinairy Weekend




Every year in October Haarlem is declared The Most Delicious City of the Netherlands. This is done during an impressive event, where almost everybody from catering industry in the city and from outside the city come together.

The party that has become known as the Most Delicious Night of Haarlem is a unique gathering of hosts and hostesses exchanging thoughts about: What can we do better? What adjustments can we make? And, above all, what will taste even better? Every two years a culinary book full of delicious information is published.

It is called The Most Delicious Book of Haarlem, but you might have already guessed! The Most Delicious City of the Netherlands, that is quite something. Nobody doubts this title though. Going out in the Kennemerland is great in many ways.

Taste the venison in the national renowned restaurant " Kraantje Lek " . This picturesque inn at the foot of the Blinkert is more than four and a half centuries old and is preserved in all its glory. Or have a herring, sapphirine gurnard or a halibut in one of Ijmuiden's many exquisite seafood restaurants.

But by all means let us not name every etablishment in Kennemer- land. The Haarlem pages you are reading now would be much more if we did. Let us just take the extremes: a cosy little pub in the inner city of Haarlem and the magnificent restaurant in the Bloemendaal dunes endowed with two ' Michelin stars'. And remember that in between there is a sparkling world of entertainment with a great variety of prizes.

In short, Haarlem is everything you desire.

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