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Amadeus Hotel
Haarlem Holland
Grote markt 10
2011 RD Haarlem 
The Netherlands
+31 - 23 - 5 32 45 30
+31 - 23 - 5 32 23 28

Info Stop

At these I-points, located from the approach roads to Haarlem, everyone can get a free city map with  the shortest directions to the Amadeus Hotel.

InfoStop is interactive and simple to use.

TheInfoStop is a interactive system and easy to use. With a  touch-screen monitor you can make your choice in different languages that will help you throughout the menu.

How to get a route description to the Amadeus hotel?

The best way to get a route description to the Amadeus Hotel you must search in the main menu for streets.(Grote Markt or Smedestraat or Damstraat).

Or look for companys: You will find us under (H)hotel or (A) Amadeus.

Get here your free citymap