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Amadeus Hotel
Haarlem Holland
Grote markt 10
2011 RD Haarlem 
The Netherlands
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Frans Hals MuseumFransHals museum

62 Groot Heiligland. This 17th-century building with its splendid facade and courtyard-garden houses a famous collection of paintings created by members of the ‘Haarlem School’, one of whom was Frans Hals. Painting by Frans Hals 1627This museum also possesses a remarkable collection of silverware, a dolls house, a beautiful Renaissance room and, apart from this, a permanent collection of modern art and pictures from the recent past, e.g. works by Isaac Israels and by representatives of the Cobra Group. From time to time, alternating exhibitions.Frans Hals

Open: Monday to Saturday 11-17, Sunday and public holidays 13-17, closed on 25 December and 1 January.


Archeological Museum

Grote Markt 18. In the basement of the Meat Hall the Archeological Museum has been accommodated, with archeological excavations from Haarlem.

Open: from Wednesday to Sunday (inclusive) from 1 till 5 pm.

Art Centre "De Hallen"

Situated on ‘Grote Markt’, in the Butchers’Hall, a fine example of Dutch Renaissance architecture dating from 1603: alternating exhibitions and modern art. The Verweyhal, museum devoted to the Haarlem painter Kees Verwey.

Open: Monday to Saturday 11-17; Sunday and public holidays 13-17; closed on 25 December and 1 January.

Teylers MuseumTeylers Museum

Spaarne 16. The oldest public museum in the Netherlands (opened in 1784) houses an internationally celebrated collection of Italian, French and Dutch drawings and prints. The works of Dutch painters from the Romantic and Hague School in original 19th century setting. Also important collections of fossils, minerals, physical instruments and coins exhibited in 18th and 19th century architecture. Large scientific library. A new wing opened in March 1996. Besides a print gallery, there will be room for a new exhibition hall, a book collection, an educational pavilion for children and a museum cafe with a view of the beautiful city garden.

Open: Tuesday to Saturday 10-5pm, Sunday and public holidays 12-5pm.

De Vishal

North of the great or Saint Bavo’s Church at the Grote Markt (Fish auction Hall): alternating exhibitions and modern art.

Open: Monday to Saturday 11-5pm; Sunday and public holidays 13-5pm; closed on 25 December and 1 January.

City HallCity Hall

Grote Markt, originally a 13th-century hunting-seat of the counts of Holland, with the so called ‘Gravenzaal’.

Open: Monday to Friday, after telephonic arrangement.

Great Church, formerly St. Bavo’s CathedralSt Bavo Church

Late Gothic church (1370-1520). The interior includes an early 16th century rood-screen, the tomb of Frans Hals, choir-stalls from 1512 and the famous Muller organ dating from 1738 on which young Mozart once played and stayed in the Hotel Amadeus.

Open: Monday to Saturday 10-4pm; 1 September to 1 April 10-3.30 pm.


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