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Amadeus Hotel
Haarlem Holland
Grote markt 10
2011 RD Haarlem 
The Netherlands
+31 - 23 - 5 32 45 30
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parking lotParking in the Centre


The magnificent city centre of Haarlem was built long before cars were invented. Consequently there is very little parking space in the narrow city centre streets. There are no longer any free parking places in the centre of Haarlem.

Car park rates: Click here 

Price for a 7-day parking card: 61,26 euro (standard rate is 30.00 euros for 24-hours)

Buy a weekcard at Parking garage "P-Raaks", will cost 61.26 euros. When you put the ticket in the payment terminal you can select "weekkaart" weekcard, it only works after 15 minutes after arrival because the first 15 minutes are free. Basically you could change it into a weekcard if you do the payment within 6,5 days. Important: Keep the new printed ticket with you because with this ticket you can drive in and out the parking garage.

Where can you find these car parks?
The car parks are signposted from the approach roads to Haarlem and are marked on this map.

Kerbside parkingOops you didn't pay !
If you choose to park at the kerbside payment is required between 9am and 11pm. You may take a ticket from a machine, or pay into a seperate meter beside your parking place. Parking is free on Sundays

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