New hot spot in Haarlem right on the Grote Markt
with high speed ( WiFi ) wireless internet access!

Internet cafe Amadeus can help you extend your computing needs beyond the office or home. Amadeus Internet access point is  located in a convenient and comfortable location. "Fill up" your laptop and PDA with an Internet data slurp -- send email or documents to friends or colleagues, chat, or just surf the Net!

Amadeus relies on the 802.11G wireless LAN standard to deliver connection speeds that are up to 200 times faster than regular dial up connections.

Buy your wifi prepaid card at the receptiondesk.
Rates start from 1,00 per 30 minutes.

  • 60 minutes (1-hour) 2,00
    240 minutes (4-hours) 4,00
    1440 minutes (24-hours) 15,00

  • Prepaid card is valid 30 days after first login.

Connect your wireless network with the following SSID="Internetcafe Amadeus" after you are connected type in your browser to activate your prepaid card.